As most of you know, Benedict Cumberbatch is cycling 45 miles this Sunday in a charity bike race for the Princes Trust, and I’d urge everyone to spare a little money if they can to donate to this worthy cause, if not just for the sweet message from Benedict after donating! He also promises to do a little something for us if we break the target….

Here’s what he had to say:

I am stunned!! I can’t thank you enough for your generosity. In addition to the brilliant online donations those of you at the festival who contributed a donation added another £1,406.24. I can’t thank you enough each and every one of you. I could do another 45 miles with all this support. Thank you. I’m deeply touched. It’s an amazing thing we are doing and at risk of sounding cheeky… PASS IT ON!! Let more people know about the charity, (go to and what I’m doing to try and raise money and pass them the links to this page to donate. It would be great to reach the target. I’m donating the fee I got for Cheltenham and that’ll help but take a look at this charity and you’ll see why it deserves all we can give it.
You have been so generous with your pockets, now be generous with a bit more of your time and I promise you it will be worth it. If we go over the target in the next two days I will, tart that i am, share some photos with you of me in training in my fetching cycling gear!
But seriously… I want to try and raise as much as possible. We really are making a difference. Massive thanks and love to you all. Benedict x

Now who wouldn’t want to see that?! If you can’t donate then please reblog and signal boost!

Click HERE to donate to Benedict’s charity page.

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