"Looking for happiness is a short way for sadness, I think. You have to just take each moment as it comes.” (insp)


tons of new goodies up in my etsy store here!!!!!


Peter’s first read through.



Glutamate: necessary for memory and learning

Epinephrine: regulates attentiveness and mental focus (“fight or flight”)

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shared family quirks

lets kill hiatus // round 6 // tv tropes
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Haystack Rock, Oregon Coast

Austin Granger

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I’ll be walking with my friends, and they’ll be like, ‘Oh my god, someone recognized you.’ And I’ll be like, ‘Really? Is he cute, and is he single?’

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Hobbit monopoly!

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benedict cumberbatch doing (6) ice bucket challenge(s)


Excerpts from Richard’s birthday messages to fans. 
Read them all in full and weep here.

So I’m like 6 hours late to the party but oh. My. Fuck. What a beautiful thing to wake up to.

So we got wetbatch.
We got suitbatch.
We got bikebatch.
We got whiteshirtbatch.
And we got fucking showerbatch.

That man’s fan service is more than through the roof it’s up to the heavens LAWD. I also feel like the Kylie Minogue nomination was the most random thing ever.

sherlock + plan timing

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