"some people’s death is even more dangerous than their life. he is one of those people." -raffi
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Decided to spoil myself with a new dress, just because I felt like it.

"Arthur has a tendency to walk into things. He is a very clumsy dog. And quite miserable. But that’s part of his charm. I like to think of him as the canine equivalent of Oliver Hardy. I have three dogs and wouldn’t be without any of them. I adore them." [x]

Then for a season they wandered together in the glades of Lothlórien, until it was time for him to depart. And on the evening of Midsummer Aragorn Arathorn’s son, and Arwen daughter of Elrond went to the fair hill, Cerin Amroth, in the midst of the land, and they walked unshod on the undying grass with elanor and niphredil about their feet. And there upon that hill they looked east to the Shadow and west to the Twilight, and they plighted their troth and were glad.

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The old house on Radunia Canal, Gdańsk / Poland (by chamsin).


Oz Comic Con (2014)

My mom said, “Don’t do it, Pearl”. She said, “He’s the kind of boy that loses all the time, and you know what those boys grow up to be, don’t ya? Losers”.

Bilbo & Thorin + red and blue

to wing
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Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

holy shit i thought you guys were joking about this

the background dances are just like “can you believe this bitch”

holy shit its like every memory of my highschool anime club came and punched me in the face jfc avrile stop what are you doing

School Reunion