when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, 
however improbable, must be the truth
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Boldly going … again.

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I cannot guarantee his safety.
         Nor will I be responsible for his fate.

Oh hi, we just thought we’d come in and have a wander around your top secret weapons base.” “Really? Great! Come in. Kettle’s just boiled.

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Sharing the Cumberlove!

So as some of you may know, I was extremely privileged and lucky to not only get to meet Benedict this past weekend, but actually spend some time with him. I know how incredibly fortunate I am and if I could give each and every one of you the opportunity I had, I would! But since I can’t do that, on the last day of the convention I decided to do a little Sherlock shopping for tumblr to further spread the Cumberlove.

I bought a Sherock poster, 2 gorgeous Sherlock prints by Stewart Mckenny (a very talented and prominent Australian artist) who was kind enough to hand sign both of them, and a badge with an amazing print by Jason Palmer (bigger version here)

The convention had just about run dry of Sherlock/Cumbermerch by this time so I’m sorry there’s only 4 prizes!

In order to share in this Cumberlove:

- You absolutely do not have to be following me!
- Reblogs and likes both count!      
- I will ship absolutely anywhere, because there is no limit to the Cumberlove.
- Giveaway ends April 21 :)

Giveaway ends tomorrow, feel free to join in the cumberlove :)

It’s emptiness without you

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This Hair. The End.

photo by: Stephen Lovekin via KW


London, England

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